Carpet Cleaning Process
Here is my full carpet cleaning process I’d like to share with you,  so you can feel confident in choosing me.
Vacuuming first is the most important step as it removes 74-79% of soil present in the carpet. This allows me to look over your carpet for stains and defects.
I fill out my own assessment form that I will pass on to you when cleaning is finished.
I make a note of all the stains in the rooms and if there are any defects. I will advise you of the stains like urine and acid based stains that are present. Not all stains can be removed.
Hot drinks destroys carpet as it burns the fibre and acid based colour drinks like red, pink, green and orange might have already done the damage.
With urine the damage has been done. Depending on how old the stain is, it may be a case of reduction.
I also test the fibre of the carpet whether it’s Wool, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene and Acrylic so I know the best course for cleaning and stain removal.
I can give you full information on your carpets and aftercare.
Stain Removal
Once I know what fibre the carpet is, I can now do stain removal. The stains are made up of either acid based, water based or oil based. I test these stains to see what they fall under and proceed to the spotting chemicals.
I have a high rate of success for getting stains out-around 97-100%.
Remember that there are some stains that are not covered in the manufactures warranty of carpets and it would have been void if a claim was made. So even though I try my best some stains won’t come out.  
I make up a mixture of carpet cleaning chemical to spray over your carpet. Depending if you have any high traffic areas, I will add another chemical to help lift the solid wear. I allow that to sit for 10-15 minutes.
This is a very important part of carpet cleaning. This process is called agitation and it distributes the pre-spray and works the pile to pick up all the soil in the carpet.
Carpet cleaning
This is a two-step process:
  1. Vacuum – This is by far the most important step of carpet cleaning and a step not many carpet cleaners know unless trained. Vacuuming has to be done with the machine as it picks up the pre-spray and soil left in the carpet.

If you have ever had your carpets cleaned and stains have come back or the carpet looks dirty a day of two after, this is caused by not vacuuming with the machine.
When water hits the carpet it turns it to mud and that is what appears in 24-48 hours. Vacuuming picks up all the dirt and is ready to rinse.

2. Rinse- I add a chemical that works as a rinse aid and I go over the carpet again with my machine. This will suck out all the chemicals out of your carpet and leaves it nice and soft. This chemical leaves a lovely clean after smell.

I use a carpet rake to move the pile in a upright position. This also leaves the carpet looking presentable for you to inspect.